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New Year, I’m a New Client

I think finding a new stylist is harder than finding a doctor. Trying to find someone you mesh well with, because let’s be real sometimes you’re in the chair for 2+ hours, and someone who does the job exactly to your liking, can be quite challenging. But I’m here to kind of speed up the process for you with a little New Client FAQs.

  • What does your salon offer?
    We offer a full range of hair, nails, makeup, and facial services. Regarding hair we provide cut, color, highlighting, balayage, hair extension, and hair loss services. Our nail services include manicures and pedicures offering regular and gel polish. Unfortunately we do not do acrylics or fake nails. As for facials we have a facial list specially catered to different skin needs. Our esthetician, Kat, will be able to hook you up for the one PERFECT for you.
  • How much is a haircut? *the most popular question to date*
    Our cut & styles start at $39 which includes a hair wash and blowdry at the end. We do go off of a level system at the salon, so depending on the stylist you do go too, prices can be a little more. The length and thickness of your hair play a factor too, but your stylist will ALWAYS go over a price quote before starting to make sure everything is in your budget.
  • You mentioned a stylist level system, what does that mean?
    The level system we go off of at the salon is based on client demand. Level 1 stylists are typically newer to the salon, maybe not the industry, who are still building their clientele. Level 4 stylists are those who have a pretty solid clientele which makes it a little harder, but not impossible, for newer clients to get in with them. Our front desk receptionist do their best though to match you with the right stylist for your hair needs, regardless of level.
  • Do you offer hair consultations?
    Our hair consultations at the salon are FREE. For all new clients, we allow about 15-30 minutes before the schedule service so you and your stylist can go over what you’re looking for, price quotes, etc. You do NOT have to have a scheduled hair service to come in for a consultation. So if you’re looking for a hair change, feel free to stop on in for a FREE consultation.
  • What color line do you use?
      We are a Redken Elite Salon meaning we use only Redken color. If you have a formula from your previous stylist who didn’t use Redken, we can always color match. So even if it’s not the color line you’re used to using, don’t knock us until you’ve had that FREE consultation. Redken has a color line named Chromatics that is oil based and ammonia free, so if you’re sensitive to color we have some just for you!
  • What hair styling products do you use/sell?
    We use and sell Redken, Pureology, limited Kenra, Agave, and Tressa Watercolors products. We also sell Naturopathica products, which what’s used during your facial, CND vynilux nail polish, and Purefash makeup. Stop on in and take a look.


If you ever have any other questions, feel free to call the salon or stop on by if you’re accessible. We are here for you and are looking forward to the new year with you!

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Introducing Redken Brews

Redken has carried a mens line for quite some time now, but in the new year they are releasing an entire new collection dedicated JUST for men. Its designed specifically for men, smells masculine, and some products are even crafted with malt.

As of now, we only have a select few of products from Redken Brews, some of the most important if you will, ranging from shaving to styling. So let’s start off with the Shave Cream (far left) it provides protection for an extra close and comfortable shave and moisturizes the skin while doing so. Moving on to shampoos, we currently have the 3-N-1 which is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a shampoo, conditioner, AND body wash. It conditions as it shampoos but also leaves you feeling fresh and clean from head to toe. And did I forget to mention it’s crafted with malt, and smells to die for. As for styling we have brews that range from mild to to maximum hold. The Finishing Cream is a mild hold, leaving your hair clean and natural. Grip Tight is a holding gel with medium control that defines your style. The Fiber Cream shapes and texturizes your hair for an undone finish with a medium hold. The Clay Pomade is used for a gritty, matte finish with maximum hold. And last we have hairspray. FINALLY a hairspray made with a man in mind!!

Wanna know my favorites for my fiancé? The 3-N-1 because what man doesn’t want to speed up his shower time and the clay pomade for the messy look. Have questions? Don’t be shy, ask us. We’re so excited about this line, we want everyone to know about it!

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The BIGGEST Question: Ombre vs Balayage

Ombre and balayage are two words you constantly hear in the hair and fashion world. They are two of the most desired looks when a new client comes into our salon. The two are very similar but also very different. So what exactly IS the difference between an ombre and a balayage?



The word “ombre” comes from the French word “shadow”. Which only makes sense because the effect it creates is kind of shadowy looking. Ombre hair generally has a dark brunette root that fades into blonde ends. But really can be any darker root color that fades into light. An ombre’s fade line between the roots and ends is more distinct making it the least subtle of the two desired looks. Here are some Ombre’s we have done at the salon:


hair by Cris Andrade instagram: @hairbycrisandrade                         hair by Brittney Churchill instagram: @brittnicole590



The word balayage comes from the French word “to sweep” {clearly us hair stylists have a thing for French words}. If you’ve ever seen a stylist use the balayage technique it makes sense because that’s exactly what they do. Typically the balayage technique is done on a hair board or foils in a triangular section which makes the transition between to the colors gradual and more natural. The ends of the hair are NOT all lightened like in an ombre. Darker pieces are kept to give it dimension and depth. A balayage is also a little less maintenance between the two looks and is perfect if you’re going for a natural sunkissed look. Heres a few balayages done in our salon:

hair by Courtney Tompkins instagram: @courtskyehair                             hair by Kylee Smith instagram: @kyleeloves


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The Best Winter Hair Colors For You

From icy blondes to firey reds there’s a color for you to try this winter. Here are the most popular colors in the salon right now!

Icy Blonde

Something about this hair color SCREAMS winter. Maybe it’s because the silvery tones remind me of Elsa, and we all know she’s the queen of snow.

Chocolate with a Caramel Glaze
Two different shades of browns combined creating the perfect amount of dimension. This look is good if you’re wanting the go dark but still want a bit of light peaking through.

Espresso Bob

Now this is a favorite of mine. Her ends have a tint of coppery red (but not too much) that has be obsessed. Plus this cut is PERFECT for this look.

Burgundy Bombshell|

Who says winter has to stick with just blondes and browns? This adds just a tad bit of burgundy to your life leaving the options endless.

Subtle BabylightsBabylights add just enough depth and dimension and are perfect for someone who doesn’t want a huge hair transformation.

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2017 Holiday Hair Gift Guide

The holidays can sometimes be a little challenging when it comes to giving gifts. So why not give the gift that keeps on giving…..the gift of great hair products. We made it so easy for you! A compilation of our stylists FAVORITE products. All you have to do is click the link “Our Holiday Hair Gift Guide” and it takes you directly to our guide. Enjoy & happy gift hunting 🙂

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Top Tips for Winter Hair Care

Living in Florida we lucked out. Our winters aren’t near as harsh as the people who live up north. We don’t have to worry about shoveling snow or being snowed in, that’s for sure. But even though it may not be AS cold, our outside environment definitely changes. The air gets cooler, the humidity seems to disappear, and it’s just all around more enjoyable to be outside. But with that, the importance of hair care increases.

Here are the top 4 tips for maintaining that healthy, gorgeous hair when the weather gets colder.

    Being sure to trim your hair year round is always important, but winter time especially. Colder weather brings drier air making the hair cuticle easier to lift making it harder to retain moisture and easier to split, which brings us to tip number 2.
             If your hair is unable to retain moisture, it’s going to become dry and brittle. Adding deep conditioning treatments are a good way to reset and refresh your hair by adding the proper protein and hydration. But don’t just leave the conditioning treatments for in salon, Pureology just came out with TWO new SuperFood Hair Masks for home and the hydrate one would be perfect for this time of year.
              During winter we like to bring out the boxes of hats, beanies, and scarves because let’s be real, us Floridians think 50 degrees is cold (HA!), and we’ll do whatever it takes to stay warm. Hats and scarves cause friction creating unwanted frizz so be sure to have a package of Redken’s Frizz Dismiss Fly-Away Fix on hand. Fly-Away Fix sheets eliminate static and fly aways, are portable so you can keep them in your purse for easy access. You’re also going to want use an oil to seal the cuticle to protect from further splitting and frizz. We love the Agave Healing Oil because it’s not heavy or greasy on the hair and gives you an extra shine boost.
              This entire blog has been about keeping your hair moisturized to avoid further damage, so it’s only necessary that washing your hair less is in the top tips for winter haircare. Shampooing your hair too much causes you to strip the natural and needed oils your hair requires when it’s cold outside. Dry shampoo is going to be your absolute best friend. It’s going to help you skip a few hair washes and will soak up the excess oil. For all my brunette friends, Redken has a brown tinted dry shampoo in the Pillow Proof line that will avoid giving you the powdery white cast normal dry shampoos can cause.


With all that being said, stay warm, have happy hair, and a happy winter! 🙂

*all products mentioned are sold in our salon, come in to check them out

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Flying Scissors, who?

If you’re reading this right now, you’re either one of our awesome clients who we adore or you stumbled upon us from a simple google search of “best salon”. We’re going to pretend you’re new here and know nothing about us so we can tell you exactly what sets us apart and why WE are the top salon in southern Lake County, FL.

Flying Scissors Salon and our stylist posses wholesome qualities and morals that make our salon like a huge family. We put the focus on our clients and dedicate time to pinpoint exactly what they are looking for in their hair and beauty needs, and what we need to do to achieve it. Our team of professionals are constantly continuing their education, keeping up with top trends to bring YOU only the absolute best. We take pride in making our clients feel like they are at home and as comfortable as possible.

Since opening the Flying Scissors Salon doors in 2008, our salon has grown over double the size and it’s all thanks to our clients who believe and trust us and to our AMAZING team of stylist who stand behind the chairs. So if you haven’t already, take the time to stop on by, let us get our hands in your hair and we can’t wait to meet you.

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