Redken has carried a mens line for quite some time now, but in the new year they are releasing an entire new collection dedicated JUST for men. Its designed specifically for men, smells masculine, and some products are even crafted with malt.

As of now, we only have a select few of products from Redken Brews, some of the most important if you will, ranging from shaving to styling. So let’s start off with the Shave Cream (far left) it provides protection for an extra close and comfortable shave and moisturizes the skin while doing so. Moving on to shampoos, we currently have the 3-N-1 which is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a shampoo, conditioner, AND body wash. It conditions as it shampoos but also leaves you feeling fresh and clean from head to toe. And did I forget to mention it’s crafted with malt, and smells to die for. As for styling we have brews that range from mild to to maximum hold. The Finishing Cream is a mild hold, leaving your hair clean and natural. Grip Tight is a holding gel with medium control that defines your style. The Fiber Cream shapes and texturizes your hair for an undone finish with a medium hold. The Clay Pomade is used for a gritty, matte finish with maximum hold. And last we have hairspray. FINALLY a hairspray made with a man in mind!!

Wanna know my favorites for my fiancé? The 3-N-1 because what man doesn’t want to speed up his shower time and the clay pomade for the messy look. Have questions? Don’t be shy, ask us. We’re so excited about this line, we want everyone to know about it!