Have you ever walked the isles of the drugstore and seen the EXACT same products that your hair stylist or local salon sells? Maybe they’re a little cheaper or even the same price as the salon… so why are you seeing them there? What’s the difference between buying at the salon and buying at the drugstore? Well here’s what someone told me when I first started working at the salon, because honestly, I didn’t know the difference at first either. Think of the hair products as wine. All wine is made with grapes and similar processes, yet some bottles are $6.99 while others could be $300+. But a professional wine supplier can tell subtle differences in the two. A stylist feels the same exact way about professional products and drugstore products.

Here are the top reasons professional products are better:

  1. Salon Products Are Better. 
    Plain and simple. Generally professional products uses gentler surfactants and have a higher concentration level than those found in the drugstore. Just think, you could spend hundreds of dollars on your hair, wouldn’t you want to do everything you can to keep the integrity of your hair after spending all that money? Drugstore products have a lower concentration level which makes you use more of the product than if you were using a professional one. Think of it this way, want to spend less money on something you’re going to have to repurchase sooner with WHO KNOWS what’s inside, or pay a little more for something you’ll have to use less of, that will last longer, give you better results, AND have your stylist guarantee… which one would you pick?
  2. No Guarantee.
    Your stylist is the only person who knows your hair to know which shampoo, conditioner, and styling products to use. While you may see the same product bottle at the drugstore there is absolutely NO guarantee about the product inside. Salons are the ONLY place allowed to sell professional hair products. So when you see that liter of Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner in TJ Maxx, know that they got it from a wholesaler who went out of business, or worse. Notice how they never have a constant supply of the same salon brand, and usually only like one or two of each. Sometimes the products are even expired OR most of the product inside is watered down or replaced with a cheaper cream or lotion trying to mimic the real thing. Which brings me to my next point….
  3. Support Your Local Salon.
    When you purchase products or retail, you’re allowing us to further our education, to buy new tools, to keep us in business. You’re home hair care purchase is what provides us the resources we need to improve the salon experience you enjoy so much. When you purchase things at a big named drug store, grocery store, etc. your money is going into the pockets of these big CEOs who don’t even know you. So remember, #shoplocal and support your local business.We understand everyone wants to save money when they can, and we get it. Just know we do price match from reputable companies AND if you don’t love your product like we hoped, you’re more than welcome to bring it back so we can try something else you may love. Remember we are here for you, to spread our knowledge to help you make the best decision possible for your hair.