From icy blondes to firey reds there’s a color for you to try this winter. Here are the most popular colors in the salon right now!

Icy Blonde

Something about this hair color SCREAMS winter. Maybe it’s because the silvery tones remind me of Elsa, and we all know she’s the queen of snow.

Chocolate with a Caramel Glaze
Two different shades of browns combined creating the perfect amount of dimension. This look is good if you’re wanting the go dark but still want a bit of light peaking through.

Espresso Bob

Now this is a favorite of mine. Her ends have a tint of coppery red (but not too much) that has be obsessed. Plus this cut is PERFECT for this look.

Burgundy Bombshell|

Who says winter has to stick with just blondes and browns? This adds just a tad bit of burgundy to your life leaving the options endless.

Subtle BabylightsBabylights add just enough depth and dimension and are perfect for someone who doesn’t want a huge hair transformation.