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All About Exfoliation

Exfoliation involves the removal of dead skin cells from the skins outermost surface. This removal process improves the skins texture, promotes healthy cellular turnover, clears the way for bacteria and trapped debris, and allows products to penetrate much deeper. Here are a few tips to help make sure you’re exfoliating properly so you can be on your way to glowing skin!
  1.  Exfoliate with a scrub once a week for dry skin and up to twice a week for oily skin. Use circular motions to work the product in for one minute, then rinse with warm water. *mix a little scrub with your cleanser for a little 2-in-1*
  2. If you happen to be out of scrub, use a wash cloth or facial brush which will provide gentle exfoliation.
  3. Avoid exfoliating if you are using any kind of retinol products, AHAs, BHAs, and/or oral acne medication. There products act as an exfoliant already. Using both can cause severe skin irritations, which we want to completely avoid. It’s best to speak with your dermatologist or esthetician before using an exfoliator at home.
  4. Choose your exfoliating scrub carefully. Scrubs containing shells, pits, certain seeds, or larger particles can leave tiny scratches and abrasions on the skin leaving it open to breakouts and infections.
  5. Don’t over exfoliate or scrub too rough. This can cause redness, irritations, excessive dryness, uncomfortable stinging and burning sensations. Over exfoliation can also lead to hyper pigmentation, an impaired barrier functions and the over production of sebum.
  6. Try professional chemical exfoliation. These are done in salon as part of your facial. They are done with either an enzyme or glycolic peel. These rapid exfoliators are great for giving your skin an extra boost, the smaller molecules go deeper into the skin providing you benefits on a cellular level. They treat an array of skin conditions and are easier to tailor to your needs.

Have any more exfoliation questions? Stop in on Mondays or Saturdays to visit with our esthetician, Kat.
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Wednesday Win pt III

Celebrating a HUGE Wednesday Win a day late, but our very own Brittney Churchill and her boyfriend welcomed their baby girl, Roselana, Tuesday May 15th, weighing 8lbs 1oz.

Congratulations Brit, she’s absolutely beautiful. We’re so excited for you and your new family!
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Barbering 101

We recently held a barbering class where we had a profession barber/educator come in and give us all knowledge and ideas regarding fades, beard trimmings/shapings, and designs. We were so thankful and can’t wait to take this further in our salon. Here are some pictures from this weekend’s class.


Give @Frostythebarber a follow on Instagram ūüôā

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All About Manuka Honey

We all know how healthy honey can be for our bodies but did you know it is also very beneficial for your skin as well? Naturopathica has just released a new cleanser, Manuka Honey Cleansing Balm, packed with nutrients and can be used on all skin types.
Manuka honey is produced in New Zealand by bees that pollinate the native manuka bush. Manuka honey has been found to have higher varieties of honey and in a raw form is packed with vitamins B and C and live enzymes. So what exactly does manuka honey do for the skin?
      1) Heals acne: it oxygenates pores to draw out bacteria and since its antiinflammatory it reduces redness and heals inflamed skin (this is great for eczema too!)
       2) Repairs:  repairs cellular damage and promotes skin regeneration
       3) Hydrates: it absorbs moisture from from the air and holds moisture in without being oily
       4) Anti aging: it inhibits MMP, a group of enzymes that destroy collagen
Other beneficial ingredients in Naturopathica’s Manuka Honey Cleansing Balm are royal jelly peptides which nourish and reinforce the skin barrier and lactobacillus ferment lysate filtrates that are strengthening probiotics that help improve texture through enhanced moisturization and rejuvenation.
I fell in love with this cleanser the very first time I used it, not only for its versatility with skin types but with also how amazing it left my skin feeling. I’ve never had a cleanser leave my skin feeling so soft and supple but also clean with no residue. Within a week I’m already seeing an improvement in my skin. Needless to say its been hard to keep it on the shelves. Stop in today to try out this awesome cleanser or add it to any facial service for an added nutrient boost.
- Kat Amsden (esthetician)
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Are You Using The Right Face Cleanser?

I ask each new client which skin care products they use at home. While most use correct serums and moisturizers, I find the answer for which cleanser they use is often “whatever is around”. This could be anything from bar soap, antibacterial hand soap, or even shampoo! Not all cleansers are created equally, just because its good for one part of your body doesn’t mean its good for your face.

Cleansers made for hands and body can be too stripping and harsh for your face. This will leave your skin irritated and with an impaired barrier function. Cleansing is the first step in s proper skin care routine, this sets up how well your skin absorbs your following products, regulates your pH and sebum production to keep your skin functioning as it should.
 Naturopathica carries three different daily cleansers. The first and most popular is their Aloe Cleansing Gel. This cleanser is good for all skin types and conditions, plus contains over 50% aloe! Aloe is incredibly soothing and repairs damage done to cells by reducing redness and inflammation. This gel effectively washes away dirt and makeup without being over striping.
Second is the Chamomile Cleansing Milk. This is perfect for normal to oily skin. It is also great for hormonal, dehydrated and those who suffer from rosacea. This cleansing milk contains German Chamomile extract which is known for inhibiting the production of free radicals, is anti inflammatory and helps repair broken capillaries. Rose water balances the skins oil content and moringa seed extract is nutrient dense seed that helps diminish the appearance of wrinkles and acne.
Lastly, we have the Sweet Lupine make up remover and cleansing cream. This is a 2 in 1 cleanser designed for normal, dry, and sensitive skin. It gently removes make up, cleanses, hydrates, and plumps the skin. Sweet lupine protein is high in amino acids that stimulates the repair response in the skin, this amps up the collagen production and improves barrier function. Wild mango kernel butter repairs and protects dry skin and sea fennel extract regulates the regeneration of keratin and helps remineralize the skin for a softer, smoother appearance.
Stop by today and let’s set you up with the right cleanser for you and get you on your way to more beautiful skin.
-Kat Amsden (esthetician)
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It’s Wednesday, and you know what that means…………time to celebrate some in salon wins! This post is going to be very special and dedicated to quite a few stylists in our salon. If you’ve been with us for awhile now, you know our stylists go based off a¬†level system.¬†So what is that exactly? Basically it’s based on client demand, the higher your level, the more demanded the stylist is from their clientele. There are some other factors and logistics that go into it as well, but that’s boring and we won’t touch up on it just yet… Think of it as a raise for your stylist.

Any who, we just ended the first quarter of the 2018 and had SO MANY stylists level jump. We’re incredibly proud and just want to give a huge shout out and congratulations for them. Here they are:

Brittney Churchill, Frenchesca Nieles, Stacie Shelly, Courtney Tompkins, Janet Miller, and Cris Andrade!!!!!

Next time you stop by, be sure to give the girls a little congrats. Happy Hump Day (2 more days till Friday!!!!!)


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Why You May Need To Change Up Your Skin Care Routine

Most people have a really hard time finding a skin care line that suits their needs or maybe the product was good at first but now seems to have stopped giving you results. In my experience it has come down to two reasons.
One, your skin goes through cycles. These cycle changes can be brought on by stress, hormone levels, diet, and our environment. Understanding how your skin reacts to these reacts to these cycles is key. Keep a journal, pay attention to what  factors are effecting your skin.
Two, never having a proper skin analysis or not being up to date on one. When having a skin analysis done by an esthetician they’ll use certain lights and tools to understand what is going on under the surface of your skin and help you get to the root of the issue. Your esthetician then can set you up with a game plan to properly treat your skin at home and in the salon.
Here at Flying Scissors Salon we use Naturopathica who has made finding the right products simple for you by breaking down their line into 4 categories:
                                                        1) Hydrate and Protect
                                                        2) Brightening
                                                        3) Smooth and Firm
                                                        4) Clarifying
Each category features unique products to target certain conditions and areas. Since Naturopathica uses plant based ingredients you never have to worry about any harsh interractions from mixing and matching categories to tailor to your specific skin needs. Scedule today for a free consultation and our esthetician Kat can set you up with a skin care routine designed for you.
~Kat Amsden, esthetician
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Styling Must Haves: Tools

Products are usually all we think about when it comes to Styling 101. We tend completely overlook the importance of the actual tools we’re using. So I figured I’d compile a list of just a few of our favorites here in the salon.

Sam Villa Ionic Blow Dryer

picture via instagram/@samvillahair

Light. Powerful. And compact. The Ionic Blow Dryer dries hair faster with more shine and it’s lightweight ability is easy on your shoulders.

Sam Villa Sleekr

picture via instagram/@samvillahair

Sam Villa Sleekr is a 1″ flat iron with rounded plates to prevent hair snags.The plates are coated with tourmaline to create EXTRA shine and smoothness. Plus there’s a bonus color treated setting to keep color treated hair vibrant and safe.


The Wet Brush

picture via instagram/@thewetbrush

Made with unique bristles, the Wet Brush detangles without pulling, or breaking your hair. They are literally heaven sent and recommend them to all our clients.


The Curl Bar

picture via instagram/@hottoolspro

Easy to use for styling and light weight. Perfect combo for beginnings to experts!

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How To: Wedding Day Prep Hair Edition

Ah, can you feel it? Spring is in the air and you know what that means? It’s also wedding season, one of our absolute favorites at Flying Scissors Salon. So we put together a little wedding guide to help make your big day go as smooth as possible.

  • First and foremost, PLAN. Scheduling all your hair and makeup appointments for consultations and trial runs are CRUCIAL. You want to make sure you allow yourself enough time in case you happen to not “love” the hairstyle on as much as you did in the picture.
  • How far is the salon from your venue? And does your stylist do on site appointments?
    • We do our absolute best to accommodate any and all specials events, travel pricing is done on a case by case basis. Give the salon a call to give you an accurate price.
  • Do I need to set up a consultation to meet my stylist?
    • Absolutely. You definitely want to meet your stylist before scheduling any future appointments. You want to make sure you both are on the same page, that you mesh well together, etc. I can not imagine being so excited for a day’s events only to have the vibe feel off while having your hair/make up done.
  • How important is it to have a trial appointment?
    • INSANELY important. In all honestly, you’ll probably want to set up a couple of trial run appointments. There’s been quite a few instances when brides are so excited to come in and try a hairstyle or updo they like the picture of and they end up HATING it on themselves. Have multiple options just in case. You’ll also use this time to ask any questions you have, bring in pictures of the venue, your dress, your makeup, and let your stylist know the theme of your wedding. DON’T WAIT ON A TRIAL
  • Is your bridal party having their hair done with us too?
    • Be sure to know the styles you’re wanting, whether your bridal party has short or long hair, because that will change the price/stylist they are with.


Remember not to be discouraged, anything is possible with hair. There are always extensions or hair pieces we can add to give extra length or volume, if needed.

On The Day Of:
-make sure you hair has been washed the day before so the curls/styles hold better
-do not flat iron your hair, especially if you’re adding curls *there are some exceptions*
-wear a button up shirt; helps keep the style of your hair through changing



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Wednesday WINs

Every Wednesday a post is going to be completely dedicated to celebrating wins in the salon. I’m so excited to start this segment because what is better than recognition and appreciation!? And it just so happens to be our very first WIN is going to be dedicated to our very own…………..


If you’ve been coming to the salon for the last 3 1/2 years, you know Shannon has been the backbone of the front desk and for the last year and a half to two years she’s been KILLING it in hair school. Well, this past Monday she has officially graduated Cosmetology School. WOOHOO! A huge congratulations and hats off to her. We’re looking forward to now watching her grow behind the chair and as a hairstylist. (We already know she’s going to rock it.) So next time you’re in don’t forget to tell her congrats, and maybe just give a little visit to her new chair. Congrats Shannon, we’re all so proud of you!

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